Student Exchange

The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) is the oldest national university in Japan and known as one of the most prestigious education institution in Asia. Within the framework of LAINAC, we strive to develop the student exchange for undergraduate and graduate-school students with the most distinguished universities of Latin America and Spain through the following two programs: USTEP (relevant to the entire university) and the exchange program of the Department of Arts and Sciences. 

This initiative has the objective of offering students of those universities previously mentioned the opportunities to study in Japan and at the same time respond to pressing requests coming from UTokyo students who are interested in these regions, as well as promoting authentically international and multi-cultural education and research of high-quality that is necessary in today’s globalized world. 

◆USTEP (University-wide Student Exchange Program)

This program is based on the agreement signed by the rectorate, which allows for international students to attend courses of whichever department they choose related to their own interests. For more information, please check this link

Exchange Program of the Department of Arts and Sciences

Apart from USTEP, the Department of Arts and Sciences at The University of Tokyo has its own exchange system. This university possesses the unique characteristic which extends over diverse specialities that range from natural science, humanities to social sciences. This is done to such an extent that international students of all majors will be able to develop their studies and researches in a greatly inter-disciplinary environment. For more information, please check this link

Regarding language requirements

In the case of programs in the Department of Arts and Sciences, the Department does not formally set any language requirements. However, because the majority of the courses are given in Japanese or English, it will be indispensable for the exchange student to be sufficiently competent inn one of these languages in order to attend classes and complete with all the academic requirements. 

In the case of a graduate school student, however, there is also a possibility of registering as a “Special Research Student”, which in this case, will enable the student to develop their research under the personal supervision of a professor without having to attend regular classes. In this case, not even English would be necessary as the Department has various teachers who speak Spanish in different fields of humanities and social sciences. 

Regarding the Department of Arts and Sciences of the UTokyo (

The Department of Arts and Sciences of the UTokyo has approximately 400 titled professors, 7000 undergraduate students and 1300 graduate school students. The Department is dedicated to teaching liberal arts for all the first and second year undergraduate students, while at the same time developing specialized programs for students of third and forth year through three departments: Humanities and Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary Sciences and Integrated Sciences. 

In the postgraduate level, there are four departments in this school on which it depends on ---(Language and Information Sciences, Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Area Studies, Social and International advanced studies) and one natural sciences studies (Multidisciplinary Sciences, which consist of three sub-departments: Basic Sciences, Life Sciences and General Systems Studies).

The diversity and range of specialities that extend in this Department allows for the exchange student of any major, from basic sciences to social and human sciences to develop their studies and researches conforming to their own specific interests, being the avant-garde of the academic world with the special emphasis in the interdisciplinary focuses and international visions, essential for facing the complexity of the problems of the contemporary world. 

The Komaba Campus is conveniently located in the center of Tokyo, next to the lively neighbourhood of Shibuya.