A documentary film screening: "What are you afraid of? Women who experienced feminism in Japan" & A talk session with Dr. Chizuko Ueno (January 26, 2017). 

On January 26, Thursday, we had a documentary film screening “What are you afraid of? Women who experienced feminism in Japan" followed by a talk session with Chizuko Ueno on Komaba campus. This event was realized, thanks to Professor Karine Tinat (Researcher in the field of gender and sexuality, El Colegio de México), who had made a visit to give us a lecture back in May, 2016 and helped us organize this event. There were more than 150 people who came to the event, including both UTokyo students and visitors from outside. The hall was full, and there were even people standing in the back. At the beginning of this symposium, we played the video message by Dr. Tinat. 

The second half of the symposium included panelist discussions by Professor Chizuko Ueno, Professor Kaku Sechiyama (Advanced Social and International Studies, The University of Tokyo), and Sato Yuko (Department of Culture and Representation Theory, The University of Tokyo). Professor Akiko Shimizu (Department of Culture and Representation Theory, The University of Tokyo) served as a moderator. The discussion was very constructive which took the differences in generation and gender into account. It was very energetic and enthusiastic, and the atmosphere continued to be so during the Q&A session and the reception.