2014 GRADUATE SEMINAR (2014 Summer Semester)

"The Future of Democracy after Neoliberalism: Social Movements in a Globalizing World"


Dr. Takeshi Wada
Department of Area Studies, the University of Tokyo

April 9 - July 2, 2014

Course Description:
The University of Tokyo and Kyoto University will sponsor an international conference on the “Future of Democracy in the Age of Post-neoliberalism: Social Movements in a Globalizing World.” The conference will take place first at the Ito International Research Center (IIRC), the University of Tokyo, from July 20 to 22 and then at the Center for Integrated Area Studies (CIAS), Kyoto University, from July 23 to 25. In the conference, we will compare visions, goals, and strategies of a multiplicity of social movements and organizations around the world which have challenged or advocated neoliberal global order. We will then examine their potentials and limitations and explore their implications for the future of democracy. 

One of the unique characteristics of this conference is to invite international scholars in a variety of research fields, such as globalization, development, democracy, regime change and democratization, civil society, social movements and contentious politics, revolution, and labor studies, in order to compare social movements emerging from different parts of the globalized world, to understand the variations in the visions of the future and democracy, and to explore the possible future of the post-neoliberal twentieth-first century. We are hoping that, during the conference, our graduate students, especially the ones who plan to be a researcher, will be able to exchange ideas with world-renowned scholars, brilliant young researchers, as well as energetic graduate students from around the world in a free atmosphere and nurture sustained relationships as a basis of global academic collaboration into the future.

This seminar is designed to help graduate students prepare themselves for this special occasion. In this seminar, we will read materials written by the conference speakers/presenters and have discussions in English, so the students will be able to understand research trend in studies on globalization and social movements, actively participate in discussions in the conference in July, and establish academic exchange networks with international researchers. 

Globalization, Social Movements, Democracy, Democratization, Neoliberalism, Civil Society, Sociology, Development