2014 INTENSIVE GRADUATE SEMINAR (2014 Summer Semester)

"Contentious Politics in the Andean Region"


Dr. Moises Arce
Visiting Professor of Area Studies, the University of Tokyo
Professor of Political Science, University of Missouri, Columbia

July 7 - July 28, 2014

Course Description:
Two broad waves of protests within a larger cycle of mobilization against economic liberalization can be seen in the Andean region. The first wave corresponds to the protests against the economic austerity measures of the 1980s. These austerity policies primarily sought to restore macroeconomic discipline. The second wave follows the deepening of economic liberalization policies starting in the late 1990s as seen in the protests against the privatization of utility services, and the mobilizations against the expansion of the extractive economy as a consequence of growing volumes of foreign and domestic investments in the natural resource sector.
The seminar will reflect on the causes and consequences of social mobilizations, examining how economic liberalization policies encouraged protest movements, and how political democracy, in turn, shaped societal responses to economic liberalization policies.
The seminar will study and compare the dynamics of protest movements in the Andean countries of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. It will introduce students to key scholarly works on protest movements, economic liberalization and democracy in the Andes.

Protest, Democracy, Economic Liberalization, Andean Region