UTokyo LAINAC Global Scholars are the researchers from around the world who have participated in our academic events and who have agreed to continue and develop our relationship beyond these one-time events. UTokyo LAINAC sincerely hopes that these events would be only the first step in our long-lasting and fruitful relationship into the future. UTokyo LAINAC Global Scholars will:
  • receive the information about LAINAC academic events and opportunities (conferences, workshops, seminars, student programs, scholarships, etc.) via UTokyo LAINAC Global Scholar mailing list;
  • help us distribute the information about LAINAC academic events and opportunities to their colleagues and students whenever they believe appropriate;
  • inform us about academic events and opportunities relevant to scholars and students at the University of Tokyo by sending email messages to info[at]lainac.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp (if UTokyo LAINAC Global Scholars desire, we will help widespread diffusion of these events and opportunities within our university and/or in Japanese academic communities);
  • give pieces of advice to UTokyo students (only when UTokyo students really need the advice; they will not contact the scholars directly; UTokyo LAINAC will first ask the scholars for their availability and willingness);
  • be more than welcome to ask UTokyo LAINAC to give assistance to their own students whenever we can;
  • have access to photographs, videos, and other materials from the events they have participated in (please wait until around May 2016 for the access, as we are currently developing the access system).
We are grateful to the scholars for their willingness to continue academic collaborations with the UTokyo scholars and students!