The Autonomous University of Madrid (commonly known by the Spanish acronym UAM), is known as one of the most prominent universities in Spain. Founded in 1968, it is a public university which consists of the following eight departments: philosophy, humanities, law, economics, management, science, medicine, psychology, engineering and education. In addition to these departments, UAM has been putting effort in nurturing the Red Cross University School of Nursing, as well as the ONCE School of Physiotherapy. The department of philosophy, humanities/literature holds a research center for Eastern Asia which allows for active and prosperous Japanese language education and Japanese studies. UAM holds over 25,000 students and its main campus, called Cantoblanco campus, is located in northern Madrid, about 15 km from the center of Madrid. There is also another campus in the center of Madrid which is for the department of medicine. The Cantoblanco campus is surrounded by nature and yet its accessibility from the center of Madrid is excellent as it only takes about 20 minutes by train. In 2013, The Institute for Cosmic Ray Research at The University of Tokyo and the Department of engineering at UAM established an academic partnership. Following this, in order to realize the interaction of research and education across all the deparments of both schools, UTokyo LAINAC and the Department of philosophy, humanities/literature of UAM played a central role in establishing a comprehensive academic agreement and a memorandum for student exchange. For those who wish to make the best out of this opportunity and would like to study abroad, please refer to the website of USTEP.