El Colegio de México, located in the southern part of Mexico City, is one of the most prestigious research and educational institutions in the areas of humanity and social science. Founded in 1940, this national university consists of seven research centers: literature/linguistics, history, international studies, Asian/African studies, population/urban/environmental problem studies, sociology, and economics. While the majority of the student body is graduate students, there are undergraduate students studying in the center of international research. The institution can be said a spectacular research institution in Latin America, as it holds approximately 200 researchers for the total of highly-selected 400 students. Japanese studies have frequently been receiving spotlights in the center of Asian/African studies too. We have organized programs where their graduate school students come to Japan for field research and have had opportunities to interact with the students of The University of Tokyo.

In May 1998, comprehensive academic partnership was established with the initiative taken by the Institution of Social Science Research, followed by the memorandum which was signed, with the initiative taken by UTokyo LAINAC. Should you wish to study abroad using this system, please refer this page: Student Exchange System (USTEP). You can also study abroad through applying to Japan-Mexico Strategic Global Partnership, offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.